Spongeball Storage is a tech that involves collecting the spongeball power-up, and storing it, so it can be activated later. You can store the spongeball by double jumping into it, as the landing animation after a double jump prevents the spongeball from activating. If you double jump and only move in the air, preventing any animations from starting, you can move and activate the spongeball somewhere else.

(GC) SS- BfBB Spongeball Storage

(GC) SS- BfBB Spongeball Storage

During the animation of transforming into the spongeball, you can store multiple states of SpongeBob. You can hit a trampoline during the transformation animation, when you cancel out of the spongeball, the trampoline you hit during the transformation will apply to SpongeBob and you will be launched into the air. This can also be provoked by taking damage, and saving a hit stun animation until the spongeball is canceled as well. You can also use death storage, and prevent yourself from dying until you exit the spongeball, if you take a final hit of damage during the transformation animation.


Spongeball storage can be used in multiple sections of the game, anywhere there is a spongeball, some of the spongeball tech can be used. There are some applications for spongeball which will be stated now.

In Bikini Bottom you can use spongeball storage and store the spongeball while jumping to the top of the police station. By gaining momentum on top the building, you can bounce off the edge of it and get to the third area of the hub world to skip the Robo-Patrick fight.

In Downtown Bikini Bottom you can use spongeball trampoline storage, and store the damage and the trampoline, activate the spongeball, and bounce off the arrow and deactivating the spongeball to grab a sock.

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